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Milly Melendez Hates Adulting OFFICIAL eBook Cover.png

Milly Melendez Hates Adulting: A Novel

At twenty-six years old, Milagros "Milly" Melendez is, technically and legally, an adult. But she hates having to adult. She's been adulting ever since Papi died almost twenty years ago. Her reward? A perfect job, her perfect man, and the perfect wedding. As close to a perfect life as she can have without her dad.

But then her cousin pitches a preposterous idea: a double wedding. As Milly scrambles to keep her wedding plans intact, she also makes a decision that could cost her job. Things couldn't possibly get worse, right? That's what Milly thinks when something unexpected happens that changes everything.

Now Milly has a choice to make. Does she risk losing the people she loves most, as well as everything she's worked so hard for, just to maintain her adulting act? Or does she accept that, maybe, she's just not done growing up?

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An Unconscious Mestiza:

A Collection of Memoir Stories

Selys Rivera openly shares her mental health challenges and grief as she tries to figure out what being Puerto Rican, American, and a woman means to her. Her shattered youth and move to a new culture created the challenges that she faces in these pages as the reader shares the stories that unfold into an intricate mosaic of a victorious life.

Powerful and relatable, Selys Rivera’s memoirist debut is a reminder that just a little love, forgiveness, acceptance, and faith can go a long way toward healing and a true sense of wholeness.

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Rise in love (1).jpeg

Rise in Love: A Poetry Chapbook

(Revised Edition)

With five sections (i.e. You, Them, Life, God, Me), Rise in Love: A Poetry Chapbook (Revised Edition) is a collection of poems celebrating the many nuances love has, reminding readers that just because love is complicated doesn’t mean it can’t also be wonderful. In a society where everyone is divided across justice-oriented issues, this collection emphasizes that love is what can bring us back together.

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